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How to Identify The Technical Specifications for Ulka Solenoid Pumps

  • Steven Balogh
  • 2024-02-21
How to Identify The Technical Specifications for Ulka Solenoid Pumps

Ulka Pumps come with various specifications that differentiate one pump from another and determine its application. These specifications are clearly outlined on the label and understanding them is crucial to choosing the right pump for your needs. In this article, we will discuss how to identify each specification on the label and what it signifies.



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On the label of the pump, you will find a combination of letters that contain a code that indicates its family. For example, the pump EAX7 belongs to the EA family of Ulka Pumps, as its model name is EA. Similarly, the Ulka pump EP5 is part of the EP family, and its model name is EP.


The second parameter that defines the performance of a pump is commonly known as "voltage". It specifies the upper limit of voltage that the pump needs to function at its optimal level. This value is crucial to ensure that the pump operates safely and efficiently without any risk of damage or malfunction.


The Hertz metric measures the frequency of an alternating current, indicating how many cycles occur per second. Regarding the example of EAX7, you may observe that it displays the frequency of "60Hz". This indicates that the signal is oscillating at a rate of 60 cycles per second. For the majority of our pumps, you will observe a reading of 60Hz, but certain models can display a range between “50-60Hz”.


The fourth parameter is wattage, which indicates the required wattage to power the device. Wattage is a measure of the rate at which energy is used by an electrical device, typically measured in watts. It indicates the amount of power that a device requires to function properly, with higher wattage indicating a greater demand for power. Taking EAX7 as an example, it reads “64W” which means it requires 64 watts of power to operate optimally.


The metric mentioned here is not as straightforward as the ones explained earlier in this article. It is presented as a ratio of two numbers, indicating how frequently the pump opens and closes within a cycle that's usually measured in 60 seconds or 1 minute. This metric is generally positioned below the other metrics. You can refer to the accompanying photo to locate where this metric is displayed on the label.

Temperature and Media:

This section specifies the type of fluid (known as media) that should be used with the pump to ensure it operates correctly. It also indicates the highest temperature that the pump can safely handle.

Date of Manufacture:

This is the date when the pump was manufactured by our parent company, CEME Group. The format used is Day/Month/Year. At Ulka Pumps International, we make sure to regularly rotate our inventory, so our customers receive pumps that have been manufactured up to two years ago. This helps to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of our pumps.

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