Consumer and Commercial Grade Solenoid Pumps

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Coffee Machines

Brew the perfect cup of coffee at the perfect pressure or flow with E-series Ulka Pumps. Get reliable performance from our pumps which are proudly made in Italy.

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Steam Irons

Faulty steam ironer? Get it repaired with our high pressure and high flow rate Ulka Pumps. Ensure you get the most out of your steam iron by choosing Ulka Pumps.

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Steam Cleaners

Have your steam cleaner do wonders with medium pressure and high flow Ulka Pumps to get the job done the first time around.

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Water Treatment

Water, wastewater and effluent pumps are used in sewage treatment, municipal water treatment and heavy industrial applications to move liquids from one stage of a process to another.

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Sanitary or hygienic pumps are used for handling sterile and ultrapure materials in the food processing, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnical and medical industries.

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Soda Machine

Pour your favorite drinks from your soda dispenser at ease with our low pressure, low flow rate NME-series from Ulka Pumps.

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Condensate pumps move the latent water vapor produced in air-conditioning, refrigeration, condensing boiler furnace or steam heating systems to a holding tank before routing it to a sewer or drain. They are often electrically powered centrifugal pumps.

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Special Effects

Solenoid pumps control liquid flow in special effect machines like fog and snow machines. They use electricity to move a plunger or piston, creating different effects by adjusting the speed and frequency. Solenoid pumps are reliable, easy to use, and can be controlled remotely.

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