Consumer and Commercial Grade Solenoid Pumps


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In majority of the cases, it's best to replace the exact same model found in your existing machine, or follow manufacturer recommended specifications found in the owner's manual. If you are unable to determine which pump may be suitable for your machinbe, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. guarantees all pumps and industrial equipment are 100% authentic. When it comes to our pumps and industrial equipment, authenticity is our top priority. Shop confidently knowing that every pump we sell is 100% genuine and carefully sourced from Italy, a renowned manufacturing hub of Ulka pumps.

Our commitment to our loyal customers is unwavering, which is why we are dedicated to providing them with only the highest quality products directly imported from Italy. It truly saddens us when we discover that some customers have unknowingly purchased counterfeit pumps. To avoid this, we urge you to check for the unmistakable 'ULKA Pumps' logo and sticker as a guarantee that they have been sourced exclusively from us.

Ulka Pumps are all tested after during the manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance at the highest standard prior to being shipped out. Since the pumps are rigorously tested, a few drops may still remain in the pump. The pumps are brand new and not used for any other operation. This product adheres to the highest standards throughout the entire manufacturing process, including rigorous testing, to ensure its quality when it reaches your hands.

You will see the manufactured date listed on the pump. Manufactured dates vary as per inventory and production from the main plant in Italy.

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